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FedEx Cup Champion Vijay Singh is under the knife on Wednesday to repair a torn meniscus that he ironically suffered in Tiger Woods Chevron World Challenge a few weeks ago, according CBSSportsline. Com. Singh will be the object of an arthroscopic knee surgery Wednesday and this will be action for at least five weeks.

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Good Game Not Just Talk To Sheffield

Each week, if not every day, I received an e-mail from someone who wants to release or buy out Gary Sheffield. So, why the hang-up with a guy who has a home run to join the 500 club, which is probably headed for the Hall of Fame, and is still able to smoke when the ball healthy, which could certainly be the case in 2009?. They obviously prefer the Tigers trade Sheffield. But most of the anti-Sheffield area includes a discharge 40-year-old hitter with a contract of $ 14 million for 2009 is not the easiest way to deal.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Works Up A Sweat

He killer fit for his role in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Jake Gyllenhaal isn t leaving his physical decline in the low season. The Brokeback Mountain stud has been identified for a morning jog today (January 14), along with his personal trainer in Santa Monica, California..

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Giants Quot Lewis Claims Left Field Job Amid Ramirez Rumors

They remind me of the very 2003 Florida Marlins. Scott Boras does not face the Giants in pursuit Ramirez lotteries during his nearly 15-minute interview on KNBR Wednesday. But when asked if Ramirez would play for the Giants, Boras said, I think Manny wants to win, and Manny wants to play for a team that wants him. Boras went on to say the Giants are a team that has just an extraordinary group of young pitching. . There is a potential exists, if it were in that team, make it a winner. The day Fred Lewis plays its request to the Giants left-field work, the officer left Fielder Manny Ramirez used local radio to sing the praises of its high price and still unsigned score. When we were looking for potential suitors, it was clear Manny felt that the Giants were a team that has had the opportunity to go somewhere.

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Madonna Quot Horse Help

The Miles Away singer is due to attend FTI Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida later this month and asked to guide Daisy Trayford of experts to help his master, often dangerous work. When I began teaching it hadn t jumped at all, and now you can skip the course in 1. Daisy said: She really good and very fun to drive, listen to what he says and wants to do it and improve. . Jumping and hacking are his two favorite things. Madonna flew top British eventer in America for his horse trainer in sports. You can always get somewhere with someone who, like. 05m.

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