Giants Quot Lewis Claims Left Field Job Amid Ramirez Rumors

They remind me of the very 2003 Florida Marlins. Scott Boras does not face the Giants in pursuit Ramirez lotteries during his nearly 15-minute interview on KNBR Wednesday. But when asked if Ramirez would play for the Giants, Boras said, I think Manny wants to win, and Manny wants to play for a team that wants him. Boras went on to say the Giants are a team that has just an extraordinary group of young pitching. . There is a potential exists, if it were in that team, make it a winner. The day Fred Lewis plays its request to the Giants left-field work, the officer left Fielder Manny Ramirez used local radio to sing the praises of its high price and still unsigned score. When we were looking for potential suitors, it was clear Manny felt that the Giants were a team that has had the opportunity to go somewhere.

16.1.09 10:12

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